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Welcome to our Company

Founded in 2006 in a small way, LED Light Solutions is today a name to reckon with in LED based Lighting Solutions like Led Signage, Illuminated Display Board for signage and architecture industry in India. Having exclusively associated with GE Lighting for their tetra range of LED lighting solutions for signage and architecture industry for the past seven years, we have created landmark signages and Sign Boards, lasting for many years without maintenance hassles and with significant energy savings. We continually strive to bring world class LED lighting solutions for the Indian Signage/Sign Board and architecture industry with the twin objectives of energy efficient and maintenance free operation.

GE LED Advantages

  • Robust design for reduced maintenance
  • Variety of models to suit applications
  • Life upto 10 years with minimal lumen degradation
  • Warranty upto 5 years
  • Six Sigma quality
Tetra Ultra
Tetra Max
Tetra Power White
Tetra Contour